White skinned women, who parade about in their workout gear all day But never seem to break a sweat Like to cross the road when they see us coming. For the record, I want to be intimidating to women too posh to know the difference between Mexican and Puerto Rican Too segregated in their white […]


I have not been able to post anything here for a while. I’ve been dealing with a lot of anger and I’ve tried to play it cute and not share it. But fuck it, I’m angry. Here’s one of the things I’ve written:   TASTE Tell me: what does forgiveness taste like? Does it taste […]


I am learning now that screams are chills up or down the spine actualized with sound we all can’t make. I am seeing now that there are moments we reach for others when we should wait.. see who reaches for us I am learning I am too often screaming in silence, reaching out for someone […]

Rotted Rose Petals

She grew up on rotted rose petals. Chasing basketballs and boys and finish lines, fighting to move forward, to earn praise. She doesn’t cry in court when her mother sits there, hard, unmoving. She cries in the bedroom of her friend after school when no one is watching and she remembers the rejection on the […]