Until you Know

It isn’t love until you know it’s love. I often think before I knew, I could’ve walked away- Could’ve set my eyes on something shiny in the distance And marched onward. But I didn’t… Because I knew you. I knew your heart was golden and your words were true And I trusted you so innately, […]


I only ever liked holding hands with my father. I never call him father and the word is foreign- saying it now feels cruel Like reducing my world into ash. I Still call my Dad Daddy. Still work my fingers into his, even now, Even though I’m not much a fan of my boyfriend’s hands […]


White skinned women, who parade about in their workout gear all day But never seem to break a sweat Like to cross the road when they see us coming. For the record, I want to be intimidating to women too posh to know the difference between Mexican and Puerto Rican Too segregated in their white […]


Shutter stutter step, prance halfway in the room. You are Rudolph. Your nose is bright red, scheming silent guidance in a room for just us. Be purposeful. Speak your words with strength. Pretend you know the answers until you have to concede to google. You are encyclopedias of perfection. You know how many syllables are […]

For A Man Who Would Love Me

I don’t want your fire to overpower mine. But sometimes, I quiet crystallize it, capture it in stone. Vow to come back and erupt. Never do. Your fire takes precedence. It burns white hot and no one ever taught you how to hold it-yourself still. You don’t even want to know. No one ever taught […]


I am calling upon my ancestors, sitting upon the tip of a razor blade. My eyes are open. My limbs are shaking, but they hold themselves still. I have fire in my left hand. I focus on my breathing, begging ancient mothers to straighten my back. Here is where I live. I have called upon […]

Blood Lines

  [My father is] Malcolm Little, Detroit Red Brother X, and El Hajj Malik el Shabazz. Only he isn’t. He is Halvor James Son of Hugh and Asta James. He sings songs that Malcolm does not know But would approve of. [Curtains] I told my father I was going to marry Malcolm X and He […]