Aren’t you tired of being too loud for these niggas to hear you?
Aren’t you sick of being too small for the space you’re meant to occupy, too large, too loud for everywhere else?
Isn’t it exhausting being woman and black and battered and beaten and still standing?
But Nobody’s got you, sis.

If we don’t raise the men
and their children
and their children
and the teachers
and the adminstrators
the lawmakers
the parents
the fucking Nazis
if we don’t carry them on our backs,
above our own heads?
if we don’t sink deeper into the ground-
muddy and battered
it won’t get done.

Aren’t you tired of defining your strength
by how much shit you can swallow
and weave into gold?
There is no place for your burdens to be laid down
so your shoulders sag
your legs are bruised, your hips wide and heavy.

Your love is given too freely to men who bite:
who punch, who demean, who betray.
And they’ll laugh at you when it hurts
You’re weak if the shit comes bubbling back up out of your lips.

How dare you want things that aren’t for someone else:
Shit, a moment to fucking breathe
without a man on top of you, inside of you
reaching and grabbing at you
Needing the good you make-
a place to hide from his own bullshit

Don’t you wish you could go outside without your armor on?
Ain’t you physically ill thinking of the compromises you’ve had to make,
Of those you will make someday soon?
Because you know nothing gets done without you
no one else can endure like you
the abuse
the violence
the injustice

Cuz ain’t nobody got US, sis.


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