Safe Place


I was walking my mother’s dog when she found me.

I was spread thickly across my world. Enough of me everywhere.
I was about to be too thin.

She had too blue eyes filled with sadness and longing.

I thought I had nothing to give her- only to learn I was wrong as she laid herself in my lap,
Appreciative for a safe place to rest.

I want to be her safe place.

Her bones were sticking out of her skin-protruding. Her pads were bare, almost raw.

I figured- at the very least, I could feed her.

I called my brother, scooped her into the back of my father’s truck and held onto her tight.

I want to be her safe place.

She didn’t make a single sound, hours having passed until I brought her to the pound and

As if she knew her fate- she wailed.

I went home crying only to awake the next day-

I need to be her safe place.

I spent my last dollar on her, swearing I’d find someone to adopt her, after the pound said they were gonna put her down.

Nobody will adopt a pitbull who just had pups that skinny. So I did.

It took weeks before the eyes of strangers on the streets where I walked her stopped accusing me

Before she had a living form again.

She was patient.

And now that I am resigned to my fate, to be forever her place to rest within a storm-

Or when people yell too loud, or they play the drums, or when the villains die in the movies we watch.

She knows that I am her safe place, that I am her home.


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