Blood Lines

  [My father is] Malcolm Little, Detroit Red Brother X, and El Hajj Malik el Shabazz. Only he isn’t. He is Halvor James Son of Hugh and Asta James. He sings songs that Malcolm does not know But would approve of. [Curtains] I told my father I was going to marry Malcolm X and He […]

Women Tell Me

  Women tell me I am biting but men always tell me they don’t bite. I bite. I shouldn’t have to explain this: I have teeth. Biting is a requirement to eat. I eat souls. Scavenge pieces broken and swallow them whole. How many licks to the center of an orgasm? I have yet to […]

Safe Place

I was walking my mother’s dog when she found me. I was spread thickly across my world. Enough of me everywhere. I was about to be too thin. She had too blue eyes filled with sadness and longing. I thought I had nothing to give her- only to learn I was wrong as she laid […]