We are Water

You are fire, taking and destroying as if it is your birthright, as if God has blessed your destruction

We are water.

Frail and yet infinitely strong.

Droplets may become steam but the force of us will soothe a raging fire.

It is fear that moves you. Entitlement. The shallow belief that you own everything that is, even us, even water.

How easily you tear us apart from each other and ruin us.

How guiltless you feel.

We are water.

Born free and bare, you have taught us fear for the first time.

You have destroyed our innocence for the cravings of your hearts.

You have sent us flying in all directions, scrambling, casting blame

Forgetting that nothing is stronger than us together.

You build monuments to ego: Coliseums, statues, roads.

But they do not change the earth beneath them, nor the emptiness of your motivation.

You are fire.

When you meet one of us alone, and give chase.

Fingers grasping at the edgeless shape of her

You would force yourself upon water, challenge nature for your fear

You are fire.

When you swear it is love you feel

yet you make her evaporate into nothing

You force her into spaces

You lock her inside of shapes

You make her ashamed.

You make her forget

We are water.

When we your daughters and wail

When we hold back your sons

When we flow over monuments of ego and entitlement

Until no one can remember the faces they represent.

You are fire.

For centuries, you have held back water,

Destroyed us,

Ruined us,

Forced us into shallow ponds,

Shamed us, weakened us,

Battered our forms and hearts.

You are tireless in your desire to control us.

There is never enough time to destroy all you want before you are put out..

But water is patient.

It grasps at itself.

It strengthens itself.

It shapes the earth: canyons, valleys, mountains can be moved.

And your time is running out.

Your moments will end.

Your kingdoms always fall.

Do not fret,

They will not be rebuilt,

Water will claim them.

There is no space inside of water that fire can enter.


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