Space Between Faces

Remember when we laid side by side, 

I can feel the weight of your arms around me,
Dragging me back down to you
Every time I start to rise.

You have become my anti-hero
Chasing stars in daylight and mapping planets on my floor
All the things I wish for you
Feel empty next to what you have

You have simplicity wrapped inside your thumbs
Like painters have easels 
You have space around you
You need space around you

Remember the silence in the room after
The weight of words I couldn’t say and
You wouldn’t hear 
Space between faces greater than universes and Gods
And I could’ve died in the space

So many apologies
Bargained out of drunk mouths and reaching hands
Pushing and pulling and longing and begging 
All in the space

Lectures about good behavior to learn
Meals we shared to divine the meaning of this 
This, weakening bond that strengthens us
This, lacquered heart in pieces and solid still
This, conquering lesson of too much endurance
And not enough defeatism. 

Be defeated by each other and grow forth
Find each other in thriving worlds of galaxies
Then run, lose each other in the depths of the empty worlds we create

I stumble down golden steps to you
You, the person who lives but doesn’t
Me, the person weighing everything never moving

There is no space between our faces
There are universes between our hearts. 




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