I always believed that when I found it, It’d be pink.  Like the lining of my stomach and the color of a baby’s cheeksFeminine and gentle, unassuming and soft  I dreamed of pink like it was consuming me, swallowing me up like oceans and swaddling me like a motherLightly retreating from me only to return in […]

Space Between Faces

Remember when we laid side by side,  Clinging? Whispering? I can feel the weight of your arms around me, Dragging me back down to you Every time I start to rise. You have become my anti-hero Chasing stars in daylight and mapping planets on my floor All the things I wish for you Feel empty […]


He feels like empty night. He is the sound of screeching birds and the atmosphere that surrounds fire as it burns and mars everything indiscriminately. His presence is the haunting of a man who is always talking but never says anything you want to hear. But he stands. And he looks as if light is […]