Choices we Never Get to Make

I hate the dichotomy I think
As bullets graze skin of an imagined enemy
I just want to lay in the grass beside him
And lean

[Mother’s Burdens]
Ancient arms reach for us, lovelorn
Chasing shadows of what we might have been
Only brown hands feel warm
as mother’s milk,
spilling from our mouths

Captivated by messages in the sky,
Burdened by the weight of evil eyes,
guilt passed down by generations
I am scorned by the love that chases me

If there is one thing that is fair,
It’s the emptiness it has given me;
the absence of the fear that crumples
my big, little brother into waves
shattering and breaking

[Call Logs]
Who puts their hands on children?
His eyes wet with cold injustice
He doesn’t even want his darkness
My anger crashes into surrounding walls
tearing them down
Yet, why
Do they still stand?

[Generally Speaking]
How different we are in our sameness,
Chasing each other with weapons of words
Beating the backs of the choices
We never get to make


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