If anyone has been overlooking me, it must have been me Sometimes I’m drowning but everyone sees Except me How can you be quiet and loud at the same time? I think my heart beats too loud because I won’t open up my mouth And say I see myself in quicksand Fifteen feet to the […]

Until you Know

It isn’t love until you know it’s love. I often think before I knew, I could’ve walked away- Could’ve set my eyes on something shiny in the distance And marched onward. But I didn’t… Because I knew you. I knew your heart was golden and your words were true And I trusted you so innately, […]


I only ever liked holding hands with my father. I never call him father and the word is foreign- saying it now feels cruel Like reducing my world into ash. I Still call my Dad Daddy. Still work my fingers into his, even now, Even though I’m not much a fan of my boyfriend’s hands […]


Aren’t you tired of being too loud for these niggas to hear you? Aren’t you sick of being too small for the space you’re meant to occupy, too large, too loud for everywhere else? Isn’t it exhausting being woman and black and battered and beaten and still standing? But Nobody’s got you, sis. If we […]


How can I make our love more like Saturday mornings after too much wine? More like Tuesday quickies at 6 am, cuz fuck it- I’d rather be late to work More like forehead kisses goodbye Like intertwined fingers and flirtatious eyes Like evenings watching the stars in your lap Like massaging your shoulders until you […]

Again & Again

We make the promise Again- You go that way, I’ll go this way. Still, you keep coming back to me. You smell of other women’s perfume, Of rotting corpses: The half eaten lives You promise me Again & Again You give me anxiety- My nails scratch away at my skin Leaving red rashes in their […]